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In some sense it’s the perfect application because we can take evidence-based treatments and use it as a tool to amplify the effect of the treatment.” Every element of a memory can be recreated in the VR world, from the timing of an explosion to the helicopters flying overhead. USC Institute for Creative Technologies While more than 50 clinicians around the U.S. are trained to use the VR treatment, the current step in the research is to demonstrate that it is more effective than having patients simply describe their trauma from memory. “The hypothesis is that we'll show that the VR version will help people to get better faster, because of the sensory element,” Rizzo says. “Remission will be more complete and you’ll be less likely to have a relapse. We should know within a year.” Weighted replica rifle are used to heighten the reality of the virtual experience. USC Institute for Creative Technologies VR first emerged in the late 1980s, and then all but disappeared due to the stratospheric cost of components at the time. Its resurgence has been led by the Oculus Rift, a headset designed by a wunderkind VR enthusiast Palmer Luckey, who built its prototype in a garage using mobile phone parts. In 2014 Facebook bought Luckey’s company for $2 billion. Now, as consumer headsets from PlayStation, Google, and HTC flood the market, the costs of these headsets falls and the potential to use VR in PTSD treatments rises. It is fast becoming one of the most affordable treatments available.

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